I’m a qualified teacher of young people age 11-18 with several years experience including as an Assistant Head Teacher. I’m always excited to talk to young people about how to identify their academic challenges and support them to achieve their aspirations in GCSE and A-Level English Language, English Literature, and a range of other subjects.


I can help your organisation through training, consultancy and innovative facilitation, aiming to identify gaps in capability. Together we can design refreshing solutions, and break away from complacent, unimaginative habits. My experience over 20 years as a leader and manager in public sector organisations give me a good insight into compliance management, in-house L&D, resource management and service sector organisational structures.


In all my work, whether with young people or organisations I aim to be creative. That creativity complements my other work in a range of media where I aim to bring new relevance to old stories. Get in touch to find out more about my music, writing, documentary films, and theatre work.