If you need to make up for lost time, get to grips with tricky content, or overcome exam fears, I can help…


  • English Lit
  • English Lang
  • Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
  • Classical Civilisation
  • Citizenship
  • University preparation
  • GCSE
  • BTEC
  • A-Level
  • Pre-U
  • ELAT

Weekly Tuition

The most popular arrangement is traditional face-to-face tutoring where I visit your home for an hour a week and work through any problems you have.

£30 per weekly session

Intense 4-week topic revision

Perhaps you have just one text you want to get to grips with or a question type you can’t master no matter how many times you attempt it. You just need that little extra push. I will sit with you over 4 weeks, normally on a Saturday, and target this particular issue until you are confident.

£100 for 4 sessions (save a sixth on the normal ongoing weekly tuition fee)

Online assign and assess

A no-frills service where I provide challenging work for you to complete and return. I will then provide written or verbal feedback each week on the work you have completed.

£15 per weekly session

Online mentoring

With a trusted adult listening in, we will discuss your barriers to effective learning online and come up with some simple strategies to get you motivated, establish achievable actions to move forward and monitor your progress for as long as you need.

£20 per hour

Clips and resources for you:

GCSE English exams

This clip helps you understand the basic elements of most GCSE English courses, clearing up confusion about what is “Lit” and what is “Lang”, and helping you understand what exams you are likely to take at the end of year 11.

See my GCSE youtube channel here….

Tricky interviews

This clip helps you with some creative problem-solving techniques to enable you to take control of your nerves and think clearly about how to answer those open-ended questions that seem designed to catch you out!

See my Sixth Form youtube channel here….


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for [our son] both last year and this. As you know when he left [his previous school] he was in a fragile place both educationally and within himself. You were absolutely the right person at the right time to rekindle his obvious talents and to help him to re-calibrate and refocus for the next stage of the journey.

Parent of a home-schooled pupil – GCSE English and RPE

[He] listens to you more than he will me, as you know! [He has] made a dramatic improvement in English … with your help. He has been given two 6s and is elated! His report says he has transformed his English in the last 6 months (or you have!) …

Parent of Year 11 pupil following mock exams – GCSE English Lang and Lit

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